Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 2: Running schedule

After my partying like a rock star (not) wine post on Saturday, I am now posting my running schedule.

A little background ~ I have been into fitness for 20 years; and now at age 40 I decided to run a 10K marathon. The most running I have done was 5K on trails or baseball/soccer fields (and it's a struggling 5K). Friday was the first time I have run 4 miles and I was quite proud of myself.

I decided to push the envelope and register for this 10K mermaid run in San Francisco. I am nervous but I know I can do it.

Anyway, I modified a training schedule that I found online to suit my schedule and I have under 4 weeks left. Today I am taking a flexibility class at my gym for the over-exerciser and plan to do that every Sunday. I can't do my long runs on Saturday so I do them on Fridays.

For cross/strength I do mix in a lot of heavy weight training because I love weight training, but I will and I throw in some fun cardio machines and classes at the gym.

My mother gave me some advice and she asked me 'how do I picture my life ~ what makes me happy', so that is what I am doing and actually the point of this blog.

I picture myself as an athlete and that is what I am going to start doing. I have a lot more living spree things planned so stay tuned!


  1. "How do you picture your life" - great question for us to ask ourselves periodically, and then take a shot and getting closer to that picture!

    Good luck with your training and your 10k. (Very cool.)

  2. Isn't it difficult participating in a mermaid run? Wouldn't it be more of a mermaid hop with those tails?

  3. @BLW... I agree, I really liked what she had to say and it's something we all know but forget to apply. Thanks re-10K. I only ran 2 miles instead of 3 miles today... I was just feeling blah this morning!

    @JoeinVegas...Ha ha... yes, I have to get my tail fitted for a special sneaker. LOL.