About the Blog

I had a previous blog about budgeting, but gave it up because life got hectic.

This blog focuses on how I get the most out of life while being a mother to a child with special needs, single and on a budget.

In my blog, you will most likely find me talking about:
~ Autism. It has been a part of my life since my son was diagnosed over 3 years ago.
~ I discuss career goals.
~ Being gluten free and a gluten free foodie, so I enjoy cooking and eating!
~ Exercise and fitness and my goal of running a 5K.
~ Travel. I use to travel several times a year in and out of the country.  That has pretty much come to a halt but I want to make more efforts and travel again; whether it's a weekend trip or going to Europe.
~ Finally, I hope to be talking a lot about dating! I'm ready. I've been divorced for 2 years and haven't been on date in over a year--yikes! I'm going on a manhunt....lol.  Seriously, I plan to start the search for my Mr. Right.

I read all types of blogs, but mainly things that pinpoint a certain issue that is meaningful to me or is something I can relate too.  If that's the case, I add it to my blogroll.  And I must say, I have a pretty darn good blogroll.

My blog is like my diary, I enjoy doing it because it timestamps where I am in life. I'm glad you found it and I hope you continue reading.

Bleu :o)