About Me

I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with my son.  I work in Special Education and hope to open my own center one day for children and teens affected by Autism. I specialize in teaching social skills.  I work part-time, because childcare is super expensive and I want to be able to spend time with my son.

I'm in love with California; I've been here 11 years and I think it is so beautiful. I choose to embrace and indulge in what life has to offer.

When my son is with his dad (ex-husband, Luke) I try to indulge in 'me time' by spending time with friends, eating out, spending time alone at my favorite cafe, weekend travel, working out (I have a goal of running a 5K), reading, music festivals etc...and I even watch a little reality TV when I can.

Side Note: I just want to say, my ex-husband and I have been divorced for almost 2 years and we have developed a good friendship.  It wasn't always this way, but I'm glad we finally got this point, it's healthy for all three of us.

When I have my son, we usually do basic, routine things during the week (play dates, therapy appointments, swim lessons, gong to the park, soccer, etc....) on the weekends I have him, I focus on kid related activities.
So that's me!
Bleu :o)