Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extreme Budgeting: Summer Plans

My son is not going to camp this summer, which means I need to find low cost, out of the house activities to fill his day.

I managed to come up with a variety of things and everything comes up to $145!

~ Great America Amusement Park & Gilroy Gardens; unlimited visits and free parking ($135)
~ 10 movies at the movie theater for $5 (x2)
~ Beach (free!)
~ Music Festivals in the park (free!)
~ Swim Class (already paid)
~ Local Kid Activities; which includes a truck exhibit, circus acts, etc... (free!)
~ Fairs and Festivals (free!)
~ Playdates (free!)
~ Soccer and softball in the park (free!)

~ Bowling (free!-for kids all summer long)

I think that should keep him good and busy :o) and the best part is the majority is free!

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