Thursday, June 16, 2011

Man... I feel like a woman!

Yesterday morning I had an appointment and I needed to dress up. Since my job is very casual, I usually don't dress up. The only time, I get jazzy is if I'm meeting friends for dinner or something. My uniform consists of shorts and a tank top or sweats and a tank top or jeans and a tank top.

I came out of my room yesterday wearing high heels, a pencil skirt, nice blouse and my hair flowing and my son was like.... 'WOW MOMMY!!!!" I did feel kinda wow, myself.

Then he was like,

"You look like a girl!"

LOL! I thought that was too funny; I was like, Thanks? Question mark, because what the heck did I look like before.

I guess I need to bring out the dressy side of mom more often.

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