Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DS adventures in Vegas

Even though DS is with his grandparents, I thought I would share some DS-isms.

My parents retired to Nevada; they live in Henderson which is about 30 minutes from the Vegas strip. They often get perks (wine, tequila, toaster ovens, etc...) from the casinos. When they go to pick up their perks DS goes with them. Of course you have to walk through the casino floor where children are not allowed to stop and of course gamble. DS sees all of the lights from the slot machines and he wants to play. My parents have told him, that's for adults.

So when I asked him what he did today, he told me, we went to the Rio Hotel with all the adults, kids can't touch mommy, only adults! My mother said he did squirm away and hit one of the buttons on the machine! Nothing happened of course. I wonder what on earth is going through his head with these forbidden adult machines; where seemingly to him, it's catered to a child with the lights and animation.

Then they walked through Caesars Palace and there was a replica of the statue of David and DS exclaimed, Look a PENIS!!!


My mother said she does not want to bring DS in the casinos anymore. It's too adult.

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