Saturday, July 2, 2011

Found a great running club

I joined a running club this morning and today was my first day. I have to admit, I was intimidated! These were some die hard runners and I consider myself a beginner. They introduced me to everyone and they were all so very nice! I declared myself the baby of the group and was hoping someone would help me out and one guy ran with me, he is good with beginner runners.

I got some fantastic tips and I was able to improve. I'm happy to have found this club, it's much easier when you have support. I know I will be able to do my 5K now.

PS: Was not expecting so many good looking guys! That is motivation for me to keep coming back... ha ha. But seriously, everyone was nice, it wasn't like that at all. People just helping people out.

I'm also going to look for a good detox/cleanse and get back into eating healthy. My systems is so off and I feel miserable. I need to stop all the cheating! Bleckk!

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