Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who wears short shorts?

This has always been on my mind and a topic between friends sometimes. Who can wear "short shorts"? Is there an unspoken fashion rule? Is it reserved for a certain age group or body type? I wear them around the house and feel I look pretty darn good. I'm 5'4", 125 pounds, decent legs and my behind is not bad--ha ha. I can get away with it. But I never wear them in public.

I was in the gym today and I usually wear stretchy capri length pants, but it's getting so hot that I want to wear my stretchy short shorts instead. A part of me says, "you are about to be 40! those are for the younger girls!". But then another part of me says, "girl... who cares! wear them while you can!". I have heard different arguments from different friends and still...


What's a girl to do?


  1. (I say wear them while you can!)

  2. My mom weighed in. She said for working out, a biker short length is more than fine. As for casual wear she said, the younger girls definitely can wear the short shorts but as you get older, it then depends on the length.

    And I was not referring to the length in the pic, a little longer than

  3. wear the shorts. If your butt can take it go short, age has nothing to do with it.

  4. Thanks Joe. I did wear them in the gym yesterday and it felt way more comfortable. I agree, it has nothing to do with age.