Friday, July 15, 2011

My social calendar is filling up

I am so not use to having a social calendar. Typically, my socialization included talking to other parents int he waiting room of a therapist office.

I don't want to get too comfortable because I know this is temporary. But I have to say, I'm at a place now, 2 weeks before picking up DS, that I am totally feeling good about my independence. I wouldn't trade DS for the world, but I dare I say, I'm having.... FUN? LOL.

So, I had two offers for tonight, Friday. Both with girlfriends who wanted to hang out. One was at an UPSCALE lounge where all the venture capitalist hang out. The other, at my favorite Cafe while my friend pours her heart out about her ex-boyfriend marrying another woman. Guess which one I chose?

I chose my friend crying her heart out. Yes, the swanky upscale place, full of eligible bachelors and beautiful people, where champagne flowed with laughter in the air, and plush chairs and the right lighting... is preferred. I know what it is to want to purge and bitch and moan about your ex.

I honestly am happy to be there for a friend. Friendship means a lot to me and friends have always been around for me and when I needed to man bash! LOL.

Besides, that swanky place is not going anywhere! I will go another time.

I just can't believe my calendar for the rest of July... A Picasso exhibit, Concerts in the park, Girls only champagne brunch, weekend BBQ, cute guys at the running club, and much more.

I am enjoying, because next month, it will be school days, therapy, play dates, and violin lessons. Thank goodness, the play dates out here include wine! LOL.

Hope you all are having a Jolly July.

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