Thursday, July 14, 2011

Showing the love... link love

I had to show the love... There are some blogs that are like my morning coffee; I just have to have them. Here are some of my favorites.... in no particular order.

Big Little Wolf @ Daily Plate of Crazy, always has such thoughtful and well-written posts. I think her intelligence attracts me the most and she is able write about a subject and just give you all angles. From sex and relationships to politics to healthcare! I am happy to have stumbled across her blog.

I have to work out and I can't stand the music at the gym. I turn to this blog, when I need to find some good music. I don't even know 90% of these songs, but over at you get to hear the song and playlist are sorted by your workout; cycling, running, weights. I love it.

I love my single mamas! But this mama is no longer single. I followed her in the past and it's just so wonderful to see that she has found love again. She is a great blogger and glad to see she still posts. Please check out Single Mom Seeking.

Motherhood in NYC is great. I use to live in NYC, so I have an affinity. She writes great post and she is funny.

And last but not least... I have to shout out my Autism parents. Being a parent to a child with Autism and teaching children with Autism, it's such a full part of my life. I definitely have my favorite Autism blogs as you can see on my blogroll. And when I found dad's writing blogs, I had to read. I love it. And Lost and Tired is DS times three! Please stop over and see what is going on when you can.

Those are just a few of my favorites!

Keep blogging everyone!!!


  1. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much. I clicked over here before bed to see what was happening with you - and all this great link love.

    It's very much appreciated - along with the other blogs to go visit. (Maybe with that first early a.m. cup of coffee?)